Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant is a pulpy plant and stores water in its leaves. it is thick and fleshy when cut. It produces gel and latex

Skin Health

  • Aloe vera companies use in their skin care products.
  • To have glowing and flawless skin apply aloe vera gel daily.
  • It can be applied on blisters, allergic reactions or minor burns as it soothes, hydrates and nourishes it.
  • We can use fresh aloe vera on sunburned area to get rid of after effects of sunburn as it will reverse any sun damaged skin.
  • Applying Aloe vera gel on acne in morning and night can treat it because of its anti-inflammatory properties.



  • Aloe vera with its natural content of fibre aids digestion and improves bowel movements
  • For best results try to drink aloe vera juice before bed.

Hair Care

  • Applying Aloe vera juice blended with lemon on scalp can leave your hair smooth and shiny.
  • Aloe Vera even prevents breakage, reduces scalp itching, and treats dandruff.


Stretch Marks

Aloe vera has excellent healing property which benefits in curing many skin problems including stretch mark. Just apply fresh gel on stretch mark twice in a day and wash it off to get smooth skin without stretch marks.


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