Benefits of Date

Date is an exceptional fruit holds amazing health benefits and only 3 dates per day can do amazing things for your body. We know the this wrinkles,brown fruit east thousands of years and for good reason.Dates  were also one of the favorite foods of the holy prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) Rich in nutrients.dates have an abundance of copper,fiber,manganese,potassium,magnesium,and vitamin B6. They also contain good amounts of vitamins A,and K and the carotenes,lutein and zeaxanthin.

1.dates improve the brain function

Study indicates that when a person have enough vitamin B6 in their system , the brain’s functioning is much better . that is, you’re more focused,your memory is improved, and you can access information much faster.dates are the perfect food for a sharp mind.

2.improve ur digestion

Dates are especially high soluble fibers.soluble fiber draws water from you’re your digestive tract,  which is why your grandmother probably told you to eat a few dates when things got a little “backed-up”.

3.boost immunity and strengthen your bones

Dates are also a superfood for strengthening bones and fighting off diseases like osteoporosis.they are particularly good as you begin to age and your bones gradually weaken. help balance iron levels in anemia

Anemia is more widespread than you might think and is usually a direct result of the typical western diet.dates are full of iron and as such, as excellent food source to help balance out these levels in anemic patents, ultimately increasing their overall energy and strength.

5.they keep your heart  healthy

There is a lot of evidence now that dates are good for your heart, especially if you soak them overnight and then crush them  before you eat them first thing in the morning.  The high levels of potassium are excellent for your heart and have been shown in studies to help reuce the risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases.
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