How to dress your kids in Winter

While dressing your baby in winter just keep few points in mind.  

Maintain clothing layer.

  • Body suits like jump suit are must for babies in winter.
  • Do try to make them wear socks most of the time and while wearing boots its compulsory to have socks.
  • It will definitely keep your baby warm.
  • Shoes and jackets that are too tight can limit your baby’s circulation. This can contribute to cold limbs so try to make them wear little loose clothes for breathing.

Dress your baby in fewer clothes while sleeping with you.

  • Try to remove excess layers of clothes of your baby as when baby sleeps with you, baby benefit from your body heat.

Feel your baby’s toes and belly.

  • If your baby has warm toes and a hot belly, it means your baby is overdressed.
  • If baby's belly is cool, she isn’t able to keep herself warm, so add an extra layer of clothing to keep her cosy and maintain warmth.

Sleeping bag for your baby.

  • Keep your baby warm when she sleeps to prevent colds and ensure she sleeps better.
  • Do you know that you shouldn’t place your baby in her car seat wearing a baby sleeping bag as it can interfere with the protection provided in a crash.
  • Keep in mind that on cold day, you can throw a blanket over your baby’s car seat as long as it is not under the straps or harness of the car seat.

Ear plugs or cap.

  • Always keep soft ear plugs to cover your baby's ear in cold.
  • If temperature is very low during day or night time you can add gloves too.

Blankets are essential.

  • Keep in mind whether you are indoors or outdoors, a blanket is essential in winter.
  • Sometimes during day or night time instead of adding extra clothing when your baby gets cold, you can simply wrap her in a blanket.
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