Healthy Kids F.A.Q

"We should understand the difference between Healthy Kids and Obese kids."

How simple exercises will make your obese child to healthy one.?

  • Exercise word make us imagine lifting weights, running on a treadmill or working out inside the gym.
  • In reality, you are not required to spend lots of hours in a fitness center or by hiring a trainer only to become physically fit.
  • Acquaint your child with some of the simple beneficial exercises to turn them from tag of obese into healthy kids.
  • Tell your kid to do simple things for 15 mins to 30 mins daily. It may be tagging or playing a ball, going up and down stairs, Cycle ride, fast walking, Surya namaskar.
  • Doing Push ups and stretching in a normal upward and downward movement of hands.
  • These small exercise but regular will have positive effects on brain, lungs, bones and muscles.

How such little exercises are good for healthy body?

Doing these small exercise tagging or playing a ball, going up and down stairs, Cycle ride, fast walking, Surya namaskar will have these benefits:-

  • Make the muscles stretcher and stronger and you can also try arm wrestling with your child.
  • Stronger heart and lungs which makes children to feel more energized.
  • Children can walk, play or jog for a longer period of time without feeling tired quickly.
  • Will have stronger bones which will help with everything – from how tall they stand up to how dominant they are.
  • Do think about coordination and reflexes of your children by giving them small tasks while walking or climbing stairs.
  • Do monitor your child weight by simply pasting sheet on the wall by monitoring this you will be keeping tap on getting diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and many other diseases.
  • Best part is such small exercises can also help you prevent from getting the flu or cold as often.

How such exercises are good for healthy brain also?

  • Such small but effective exercises get the blood flow effectively in a better way, which results in more amount of oxygen gets to the brain.
  • As a result, kids can think well especially during class hours.
  • Help kids in doing homework or even extra curricular activities.
  • Will help in improve test scores also.
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