Hitting or biting :

It is normal that toddlers bite or hit little bit as they are on the learning stage but make sure you teach them the degree of acceptability and make them teach that aggressive behaviour is unacceptable.

Limit his time:

Be fast and accurate to respond quickly if your kid is aggressive and best way is to keep him away from that place for 2 or 3 minutes in order to divert kids mind.

Praise kids good doings:

be sure you make your child reward for any good doing so that your kid learns it as a good discipline.

TV time should be limited:

Now a days cartoons and other shows basically said to be designed for young children can be filled with shouting, threats, hitting's and some unusual behaviours. Always monitor which programs he watches, particularly if he seems prone to aggressive behavior and limit the time of watching it plus teach him what is wrong in it and what is good in it.

Toddlers basic Q&A

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