Type 2 Signs of Diabetes in Women

Unexplained weight loss

It is one of the common type 1 diabetes symptoms in women. With this type of diabetes, the body is unable to use all the calories that the food provides, even though the person follows a healthy diet. Due to this, the person loses weight, even without trying to do so.

Increase in Urination

  • Women need to visit the washroom frequently in diabetes. The body tries to get rid of the excess sugar through the urine and hence, one feels the need to urinate within very short periods of time.
  • Excessive urination excretes extra sugar present in the body.
  • Excessive urination excretes large amounts of water from the body thats why a woman may suffer from the problem of dehydration.
  • Woman may experience excessive thirst and urination throughout the day which is another symptom of diabetes in women.

Excessive Eating

One of the typical type 2 diabetes symptoms in women is excessive eating i.e. polyphagia. When a person has this type of diabetes, the level of insulin is very high in the body. As insulin aids in stimulating hunger, too much of insulin in the body may make the person feel hungry and also make her eat more.

Skin Infection

Another symptom of diabetes that is seen in women is the occurrence of skin infections as well as vaginal yeast infection. Women with diabetes may also experience urinary tract infections very frequently.

Sexual dysfunction

It is  also observed as a common symptom of diabetes in women. Women with diabetes may experience pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, reduced vaginal sensitivity and vaginal lubrication, as well as an inability to achieve orgasm.

Psychological symptoms

One can see the Psychological symptoms in women affected by diabetes. They may experience extreme lethargy, agitation, and sometimes may also feel irritable without any reason.

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