Signs of Tuberculosis in Men, Women & Children

In most of the world, more men than women are diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB) and die from it. TB is nevertheless a leading infectious cause of death among women. Annually, about 700 000 women die of TB, and over three million contract the disease, accounting for about 17 million Disability Adjusted Life Years (DALY). As tuberculosis affects women mainly in their economically and reproductively active years, the impact of the disease is also strongly felt by their children and families. The mortality, incidence, and DALY indicators do not reflect this hidden burden of social impact.

In 2013, an estimated 3.3 million women fell ill with TB, of which the African and South East Asia

regions accounted for nearly 70% of cases. TB is among the top killers of women of reproductive age. 510,000 women died from TB in 2013.  Of all HIV-related TB deaths globally, around a half

(180,000) were among women.  Almost 90% of the HIV-associated TB deaths among  women were in Africa, where TB is estimated to have claimed more female lives than male lives.

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