Lavender is flowering plants in the mint family. The plant is grown mainly for the production of essential oil of lavender. Lavender is basically used in salads and dressings.

Lavender flavours baked goods and desserts and occasionally blended with black, green, or herbal teas also.

Uses of lavender


Lavender oil works as an antiseptic as well as anti-fungal. applying oil acts as a natural treatment for skin disorders, acne, shaving cuts, sunburns and even psoriasis.



Applying lavender oil deep in to the scalp for 20 mins before bath can make you rid of dandruff flakes.

Stress relief or Headache

  • Fresh lavender immediately bring a sense of relaxation with its soothing fragrance.
  • Smelling lavender can give relief in headache also or even by burning lavender candles.
  • Massage with lavender oil can give you a good sleep also.

Hair loss

Applying lavender oil in to scalp over a period of time can reduce hair fall.


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