Home remedies to get rid of Headache

First understand what headache is all about and when you know that its not a disease you can try these remedies at home also


To balance the acid and alkaline levels in the body one can have Apple with salt in a day. This will relief you from headache as well as neck pain.



  • You can mix ginger with lemon juice in equal parts and consume twice in a day for instant relief.
  • Bitter in taste but one can chew ginger in small portion.
  • Boil ginger in water try do gargles twice a day and at night before sleep have steam of ginger.


लौंग (Laung or clove)

  • Keep few लौंग and keep in handkerchief by crushing it. Just inhale for relief.
  • one can also massage clove mixed with massage oil on forehead to get relief.


Apply Mint juice on forehead can make you relief. After you apply just have rest for an hour and see the result.

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