Summer Care for Kids

Summer brings lot of uneasiness in children because of heat and sweat. try to keep these points in mind for a happy summer for kids.

Dress your kids

  • Try to make your baby wears that can help keep him cool.
  • We recommend that you should dress your baby in cool cotton clothes. Try to avoid synthetic clothes, as they trap heat and can be very uncomfortable for your baby causes heat rashes.
  • Make your kids wear long-sleeved, light clothes when out in the sun as light color clothes reflects heat and not absorb.
  • Buy a good quality sun hat without elastic for your baby as elastic stops blood circulation.
  • Clothing can be an excellent barrier of ultraviolet rays. Many light-weight sun-protective styles cover the neck, elbows and knees.

Choose right time of outdoor activity

  • Make sure that your kid stay indoors during the peak heat hours (10am-5:30pm).
  • One should stay indoors during the hottest hours of the day, one can see the weather reports on mobile.
  • Take him out for walks early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Remove any excess clothing or padding from the pram as with no air circulation it can get very hot, one can use cotton padding as lying on cotton will be less hot for your baby than on the synthetic covering of the pram.
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