Foot Nail Care

We should know that Nail care is important for both Men and Women. By doing few things at home you can easily avoid problems related to feet.
  • Wash your feet often specially when you back to home from anywhere.
  • Dry your feet thoroughly after washing them as told in foot care, especially between the toes which is where fungal infections actually stays.
  • If your skin is dry, apply moisturizing cream or methods shown in foot facts all over the foot, except for between the toes. Use foot filer or pumice stone to soften hard skin.
  • Trim your toenails regularly using proper nail clippers try to cut nails straight across, never at an angle or down the edges. Don't forget to file them after you cut your nails
  • Change your socks daily to keep your feet fresh.

You can also do 7 day course for beautiful nails

Lemon : For whiter and clearer nails apply lemon juice atleast once in a week.

Vaseline or petroleum jelly: Apply it on your nails after taking a bath or before going to bath, as it will help in nourishing them.

Cow's Milk or butter:  As told by our Grand parents it is the best remedy. Use melted Cow's Milk or butter for getting natural shiny nails once in a week.

Vitamin E: The main deficiency caused by Vitamin E is brittle nails so increase the dies of Vitamin E specially by having fruits.

Rosewater: Apply rosewater with a cotton swab to make nails to regain its pink colour.

Baby oil: Apply baby oil before going to bed once in a week and following it with other course as told.

Warm water: On weekend try to dip your feet in warm water for at least 20 mins to see the change.

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