Hair Loss

Understanding hair Fall

  • A normal hair growth depends on good blood supply to hair roots, scalp health, hair health and a healthy body. On an average up to 40-125 scalp hair per day may fall out.
  • Hair fall is one of the main and most common problem which is associated with a poor scalp health and poor hair care regimen.

  • Hair growth occurs in three phases:-

    (A) Anagen: This is also known as growth phase. In this phase, hair grows fast (0.8 to 1.2 cm/month). In healthy hair, this phase lasts for 2 – 7 years and 80 – 90% hair strands exist in this phase.

    (B) Catagen: This is also known as transition phase. This phase signal the end of the growth phase characterised shrinking of the hair follicle. This phase lags for 2-3 weeks.

    (C) Telogen: This is also known as dormant or resting stage. This phase exist till hair is forced to anagen phase. This comprises 10 – 20% hair strands.

    A physiological balance between anagen: telogen phase ratio (9:1) should be maintained preferentially to be called as normal hair fall.

Basic Reasons of Hair Fall

  • Non-integrated diet: It is one of the most important causes is also known that hair loss is the first signs of malnutrition or anemia Iron blood.
  • Stress, and lack of sleep.
  • Psychological factors such as anxiety and depression, not a direct impact, but shows precipitation occurs after 3-4 months in most cases.
  • Environmental effects: Examples include ..- The changing seasons: often increased precipitation in autumn or when exposed to moisture.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures are too high, as occurs when exposing hair to direct sunlight or drying hair electric, or when exposed to very low temperatures direct or also exposed to air conditioning or travel from cold to warm countries or vice versa condition.
  • Wash hair with water containing high levels of chlorine (as the user in swimming pools) or salt water (as water sea), and hot or cold water.
  • Using chemicals and cosmetic products for hair, as most commercial formulations of negative impact being used chemical products which would cause precipitation, preferably replaced by natural alternatives wherever possible.
  • The use of chemical shampoos or those enhanced protein and which are actually fool the eye does not benefit the hair, but also increase the size and density gives him temporarily while the hair will continue to fall, here some free tips beauty of hair.- Hair demobilization after washing directly with being wet, or use a towel to dry, two of the biggest mistakes that a lot of women dealing with hair.-Hair pulling strongly when layoffs or styling violently
  • Genetic factors, just as men are exposed to genetic baldness it shows in the form of hair loss in women.
  • Age: researchers suggest that hair follicles weaken with age, leading to poor hair and hair loss.
  • Smoking: is known as always, smoking is harmful to health, and the health of the hair is no exception. No need to go into the details of smoke damage, but suffice it to say that –in addition to the toxins that are dumped into the blood – he is working on a book of blood flow to the scalp and narrowing of the arteries, which weakens the hair and cause hair loss.
  • Hormonal imbalance, and it appears, especially in the post-childbirth in women.
  • Certain medications may lead to hair loss such as medical treatment, radiation and chemotherapy for cancer and heart disease drugs and others.
  • Precipitation may be an initial indication of the incidence of impaired Organic is a disease lupus (lupus), or diabetes, or a thyroid disorder, or injury to one skin diseases as areata , and so after reviewing all the causes mentioned and the problem still is necessary to see a doctor to carry out all necessary tests.
  • Dandruff is also one of the main reason for hair fall dandruff results in weaker hair roots, leading to hair fall and thinning. Hence, people who suffer from thinning hair or hair fall problems should switch to treat and prevent dandruff in order to prevent the hair loss.


  • Dandruff is the most common dermatological condition that causes shedding of dead cells from the scalp (flaking of skin). It is generally associated with itching and redness. It has been generally observed that dandruff affects more than 50% of people over across the world and can be frustrating and upsetting.
  • Dead skin shedding is a normal process of the skin; however it gets increased in conditions such as dandruff, making it visible on the scalp and shoulders.
  • It requires constant care and maintenance of overall scalp health. Apart from treatment, one should take measures to prevent dandruff from reappearing. This is the reason that anti-Dandruff hair care products, whether for treatment or maintenance, requires a very innovative, perfect and natural as much as possible.
  • The predominant and hallmark signs and symptoms are flaking and itching, which tends to correlate with each other in intensity. The quantification of flakes have generally relied on assessments by experts involving various grading schemes within blinded studies, but can also be measured instrumentally.

Hair fall in Children

  • There are various factors responsible for hair fall in children. While many causes require a doctor’s attention, others will resolve on their own with time.
  • For example: newborns lose their hair during the first few months of life. But this is eventually replaced by permanent hair.
  • In other cases, there are reasons that need immediate medical assistance.

Reasons can be the Non- Medical Causes of Hair Loss in Children: Harsh chemicals used to treat hair Hair dried with high heat Braids, ponytails and barrettes tied too tight Combs or brushes used on wet hair, leading to hair fall

Importance of Neem Leaf:-

  • Neem Leaf plays a major role in hair fall treatment and nourishment of hair.
  • Neem leaf is used to treat the problem of head lice, dandruff, excessive hair fall and to improve hair growth.
  • For dandruff, boil Neem leaves in water, cool and strain it. Use it to rinse your hair after shampoo. To get rid of Head Lice, boil and grind Neem leaves to make a paste and apply it on the scalp.
  • Wash hair after 30 minutes. This treatment will control hair fall, will prevent premature greying and will also boost hair growth.
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