Crack on Lips

Here are some easy and natural ways to cure your dry,chapped or cracked lips:

Castor oil + Petroleum Jelly Remedy to heal peeled lips

Apply Castor oil on your chapped, swollen lips and cover it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Your lips will start to heal and back to normal within a week.

Glycerin to cure cracked lips

As told by our parents or grandparents glycerin on lips helps to raise the moisture level of skin. It is one of the best natural humectants that relieve dry skin by sealing in the required moisture. If you are suffering from flaky, chapped or cracked lips, try few drops of glycerin on your lips, this will aid in restoring natural smoothness. Application of glycerin on peeled lips at bedtime will do three things for you. It will repair the damaged tissues, speed up the healing process and gives protection to the lips from the climate conditions.

Mustard oil in navel is an effective remedy

Applying mustard oil in navel to cure chapped lips is an age old ayurvedic remedy in India.

Fresh milk cream to retain moisture in lips

Try to  apply fresh milk cream or unsalted butter on their lips to make them smooth and soft as suggested by our parents. Milk cream and butter both are helpful in furnishing the lost moisture of lips. You can apply fresh cream two times a day to soothe your lips.

Drink more water to avoid dry lips

Dehydration can be a cause of dry and chapped lips. It is important to check your water intake, if you are suffering from dry lips.

Avoid over exposure to sun

Avoid extreme temperatures and excessive exposure to sun; this will reduce the chances of getting cracked and chapped lips. Try wear a good quality and of right SPF sunscreen to shield your lips from sun’s damaging rays.

Iron Supplements for peeling, flaking lips

Iron deficiency can lead to chapped and cracked lips. It is recommended to get yourself checked for iron deficiency from your doctor, if you feel your peeled lips are not getting cured on repeated application of remedies. You should ask a doctor for a blood test to verify your iron level in blood. Headache, tiredness, severe chapped lips are signs which indicate that you are deficient in iron.

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