Nose Piercing

Basic things one has to do before piercing

  • Check with your parent and/or employer
  • Research a quality piercer
  • Watch your piercer. If they take you into a room without sufficient lighting, question it. They should be able to see what they are piercing. Also, watch them wash their hands and put on sterile gloves.
  • Sit still. While you’re getting your nose pierced, try to stay as still as possible for your piercer. It is a small pinch just like any other piercing, and you’ll only feel it for a second.
  • Use stainless steel. This is the material that is least likely to produce a body reaction or infection in your skin. Gold, titanium, and niobium are also good choices, but they are more expensive.
  • Use new needles. The needles that they use should be brand new and in sterilized sealed pouches. You should see them open the sealed packages. If you get into the room and the needles are already open, you are once again justified in asking for new ones.

How to take care after piercing ?

  • Wash your hands. You should be cleaning your piercing twice a day for the first three months. Before touching it, it is essential that you use antibacterial soap to wash your hands thoroughly. Skipping this step is often the cause of infection.
  • Use saline solution. A saline solution is a mixture of warm water and non-iodized sea salt.
  • Don’t play with the piercing. Throughout the day, resist the opportunity to play with your nose ring. Your hands are constantly covered in bacteria and this is a great way to get an infection.
  • Know what’s normal. Redness and swelling is natural. Also, it may notice some pain the following days. This is normal. Don’t worry about these, but make sure you continue cleaning your piercing properly.
  • Watch for green and yellow. If the painful inflammation continues, watch for discharge from the piercing. If it the discharge is green or yellow and smelly in nature, seek medical attention.
  • Look for a red raised bump. This bump can occur within a few days or months after the piercing.

Remember when you put on jewelry

  • Use clean jewelry. Three months after your piercing, it should be healed and you will be able to put a different nose-ring in. Before putting a new piece of jewelry into your piercing, soak it in your salt solution for 5-10 minutes.
  • Continue to clean regularly. Now that your piercing has healed, you don’t need to clean it twice a day. You can gradually work your way down to cleaning it a couple times a week.
  • Be careful with face make-up. When putting on face make-up try to avoid your piercing. The chemicals can cause a reaction that can lead to an infection
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