Holi colour

Precautions to be taken

  • Before playing holi try to wear polo shirts or full-sleeved shirts and old trousers or denims but old clothes from your wardrobe, make you sure what you wear should cover the maximum of your body so that there will be less of skin exposed.
  • On ears and lips you should apply Vaseline or lip-balm respectively to keep them moisturised throughout. Dry skin causes the pores to open wide, keep them jelled and moisturised will protect you.
  • During holi dehydration causes your skin to dry and combined with harsh chemicals, the colour might seep into your skin. So Keep yourself hydrated one should remember. So keep drinking water, juices as well as glucose. Try keep water bottle on side so that colour does not mix with drinking water.
  • Holi should never be played with chemical colors so its better to say No.

How to get rid of Colours ?

Coconut Oil :

  • Half an hour before you play holi apply cold cream, Vaseline, olive oil or coconut oil on body which reduces the effect of colour on skin.

Rose water for eyes :

  • It is obvious that while playing holi, some dry color gets into your eyes.
  • First try to rinse it with clean water, Repeat it whenever you get time. But, do remember not to rub your eyes, this may cause irritation in your eyes.
  • Put some rose water in your eye after you played holi and take rest.

Mustard oil

  • Apply mustard oil on body, especially on face, hands and legs before one day of Holi.
  • Mustard oil should also be applied on hairs as it will protect your hairs from damage caused by colors. Hair containing oil, store less color comparatively to non oiled hair.

Multani mitti

  • Soak Multani Mitti about an hour ago before you have bath after Holi.
  • Apply it on skin where color is there.
  • Wait till it dries up and wash it.
  • Multani mitti pack is very helpful in removing color from the body.

Curd & lemon

  • Lemon is considered to have natural bleaching properties.
  • So rubbing lemon wedges on your face and body is also a good option.
  • Add half bowl of curd in two spoon of lime juice, and apply it on the areas having color.
  • Have bath with warm water, this way the colour surely goes off.
  • Remember to moisturise your skin thoroughly after you have applied lemon.

Note: Acne prone people should read acne page also before applying or using any oil.

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