Home remedies to get rid of UTI

Urinary tract infection may be experienced by women at least once in their lifetime. Some may experience it only once while some other may have its regular occurrence. Whatever may be the case with you, the above natural remedies may make your life easier.

  • Have lots and lots of water : Water, the main component of human body has the ability to flush out the toxins from the body. The main cause of UTI is bacterial infection in urinary tract. More water intake will make you urinate more and with every discharge you would be throwing out the bacteria as well. Though enhanced water intake may sound like the simplest form of natural remedy, it is one of the major preventive measure for those experiencing frequent UTIs.
  • Baking Soda – The natural antibiotic Baking soda has natural antibacterial properties. Having a spoonful of baking soda with a glass of water every morning for a week’s time whenever you experience the UTI symptoms would kill the harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. Baking soda has high sodium content and hence don’t make it a routine. Use this remedy only when you experience the UTI symptoms.
  • Consume more barley water and parsley water Barley water is used by those suffering from kidney stones or other kidney related ailments. Main function of this water is to induce more urination. Frequent urination in substantial quantity will gradually flush out the bacteria and other impurities causing UTI. Parsley water also works similarly and you can also make it at home by boiling parsley in water. The sodium and potassium content in the urine is also regulated with the parsley water.
  • Urinate every chance: The primary and most common symptom of UTI is experiencing the urge to urinate. You may find this frequent urination irksome but don’t avoid it as more you urinate, faster you recover. Every time you feel like urinating, just go and do it. It may sound quite funny but yes, pee every chance! This is your body’s natural mechanism to fight against UTI and the bacteria causing it.
  • 3 C’s to include and 4 C’s to avoid This may sound confusing but you can fight UTI by including the 3 C’s namely cucumber, celery and cranberry in your diet. These foods are having higher water content and effective anti-bacterial properties too. The 4 C’s to avoid are caffeine, citrus, chocolates and carbonated drinks. These foods are acidic in nature and would make urinating more painful.
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