Sexual Awareness

sexual awareness

Human sexuality apart from whether you are male or female, and it is more than just the act of sex. It involves your physical make-up, how you think about yourself, and how you feel about others and the society you live in.

Anatomic sex — Anatomic sex refers to the sex organs with which you were born. That is, you are either a boy (with a penis and testicles) or a girl (with breasts, a uterus, vagina, and ovaries). Occasionally, a baby is born with sex organs that are not normally developed and/or may appear to resemble both sexes; these individuals are said to have ambiguous genitalia or to be intersex. Anatomic sex is only one component of sexuality.

Gender identity —  How you feel inside ? like you "feel" as a boy or a girl. Many people have a combined feelings, it includes  "male" or "masculine" and "female" or "feminine". Gender identity and anatomic sex sometimes do not match like a person born as female but feel like a man and vice versa. sometimes children get confused with the body changes in puberty so one should read about puberty in boys and puberty in girls to understand better

sexual orientation

Sexual orientation — During puberty, one starts having feeling to have strong physical and emotional attractions to others. When you have an attraction to people of the opposite sex (heterosexual or straight), and if you have attraction towards the same sex as you (homosexual, gay, or lesbian), or you have attraction towards both sexes (bisexual). It is very common for young people to feel confused about their sexual orientation, and that is entirely normal or abnormal which one sees debating as per society. Most important is that how you feel about yourself as a person irrespective of sexual orientation. It is true that there is still significant social stigma toward people of certain sexual orientations.

Its always advisable to have intercourse after age of 21 yrs as by that time our body is fully developed and we are educated enough for what is right and what is wrong.

Puberty in Boys

Puberty in Girls

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