Tulsi or Basil Leaf

Tulsi for Diabetic patient

Also known as tulsi, leaves of tulsi are packed with antioxidants and essential oils that produce eugenol, methyl eugenol and caryophyllene. Collectively these substances help the pancreatic beta cells which releases insulin function properly which helps in increase sensitivity to insulin. Not to forget the feature of antioxidants present in the leaves which helps in removing the ill effects of oxidative stress.

Have two to three tulsi leaves whole, or about one tablespoon full of its juice on an empty stomach to lower the blood sugar levels.

Common Cold

Chew fresh leaves to calm coughing or make a calming tea of dried basil to help sooth illness.


Teeth Disorder

  • Tulsi is useful in teeth disorders. Its leaves, dried in the sun and powdered, can be used for brushing teeth.
  • Tulsi can also be mixed with mustered oil to make a paste and used as toothpaste. This is very good for maintaining dental health, counteracting bad breath and for massaging the gums. It is also useful in pyorrhea and other teeth disorders.


  • Basil makes a good medicine for headache.
  • Fresh tulsi leaves mixed with sandalwood paste can also be applied on the forehead for getting relief from heat, headache, and for providing coolness in general.



Eye Disorders

  • Basil juice is an effective remedy for sore eyes and night-blindness, which is generally caused by deficiency of vitamin A.
  • Two drops of basil juice are put into the eyes daily at bedtime.

Stings and Bites

If you are working outside and get bitten or stung by an insect , chewing up a basil leaf and applying to the bite will help relieve the pain and draw out the venom.


Helpful in Quitting Smoking:

  • Chain smokers can try chewing basil leaves to get rid of their addiction.
  • The juice of tulsi has a cooling effect on your throat, the chewing will distract you and the antioxidants will repair the damage caused due to years of smoking.

Skin Disorder or rejuvenation

  • Applied locally, tulsi juice is beneficial in the treatment of ringworm and other skin diseases like leucoderma.
  • Basil leaves are an excellent skin rejuvenator which have the potential to ward off skin diseases, thus providing you with a clearer and healthier skin.
  • When eaten raw or applied as paste, basil leaves always benefits for your skin.


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