Yoga Advise

When & Where To Practice

  • Try to practice yoga everyday. Do not force yourself be gentle.
  • A yoga session should be a joy.
  • Set aside a time when you will not be disturbed and you will not have to rush.
  • Morning practice helps loosen up stiff joints after sleep.
  • Evening practice releases the tensions of the day.
  • Whenever you practice yoga, avoid eating for at least two hours beforehand.

What You Need

  • You do not need special equipment to practice yoga.
  • Simply you can buy foam yoga mats, or use a towel on a carpeted floor.
  • You will need an open space, clear of furniture.
  • The room should be comfortably heated and free of disturbances.

 Positive Thinking & Meditation

  • Meditation or yoga is a state of consciousness.
  • When practicing meditation, one must first learn how to calm the mind, and focus your mental energy inwards.
  • Meditation can help to relieve stress and replenish your energy.
  • Yoga makes a person to think more clearly and positively, and to be at peace with yourself.

 Proper Diet

  • The diet when u start yoga is a simple and wholesome diet, made up of natural foods that are easily digested.
  • This food or diet keeps the body vital and healthy, and the mind calm and free from restless thoughts.
  • Processed and tinned foods are to be avoided when possible

Proper Relaxation

  • The release of tension through relaxation is vital to keep the body healthy.
  • Begin and end each session of yoga asanas with relaxation, and relax between postures.
  • Proper relaxation allows the released energy to flow freely.

Check With Your Doctor

Check with your doctor before you begin a course if you suffer from a medical condition or have any doubts.

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